If you are planning to use in-app video ads, then you should be aware of your options and how you will balance the revenue generated with the app’s user experience. App users have the choice to skip video ads right away after five seconds. As a result, it’s difficult to be sure that you’re serving the right in-app video ads to users at the correct time in order to have the best results.

These are some best methods for getting started with in-app video ads

1. Making sure to use ad filters

To make sure that your app users want to watch the in-app video ads, you should first understand who your users are and what types of content they want or like. Once you have that information, you can use ad filters to make sure that the video ads are only shown to users of your customized app who are willing to watch them.

2. Use of mediation to optimize ad network

In the terms of revenue, you don’t have to worry about incorporating an ad network that may decrease your overall revenue. Once it is incorporated, it will automatically adjust your mediation stack on the most recent eCPM, so that the ads from the highest-paying ad network are served. Overall, adding more ad networks boosts your chances of filling your ad spaces. You can also set a minimum eCPM for your ad spaces, meaning that your in-app video ads will not be shown until they meet a certain price. which will result in lesser ads being shown to your users, but therefore the ads that are shown will generate more revenue.

3. Select the best location possible

Consider the most important location of your users when deciding on when and where to place in-app video ads. For instance, in a gaming app, you don’t want a video ad to come when the user is in the middle of a game, or in between a yoga app when the user is having a relaxing moment. You want to ensure that your video ad comes up when the user is willing to interact with it, not when it will disturb the user experience.

4. Use our network Mahimeta to earn money from your paid app

In addition, to boost revenue from in-app video ads, you can use video ads to attract app users to upgrade to the ad-free paid version of your app. This will mean no extra or new development costs or new features, just a free version with advertisements and a paid version without advertisements.

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