A large number of Adsense and AdX publishers are talking about “Two-Click penalty” on their sites by google. This penalty occurs when user click an ad twice instead of once, to confirm the user’s intention that whether the user want to visit the advertiser’s destination URL through “Visit Site” button. This can cause devastating impact on publisher’s CTR as well as revenue. However, any matter that cause publisher earnings is serious and needs to be resolved. If you think you might be affected, read below more about how to diagnosed and fix this Two-Click penalty.

How to avoid this issue?

To avoid the issue you need to give google confidence by avoiding accidental clicks through the methods mention below:

  • Identify those ad units that are causing problem means those ad units where the CTR has dropped suddenly.
  • Test your ads on as many devices as you can for avoiding this Two-Click penalty.
  • Ads should not be implemented in a way that they might be mistaken for other site material, for instance navigation, menu and download link.
  • Layout shifting or content jumping can also result accidental clicks mostly in mobile sites. This happens when content suddenly jumps while it is loading, often when an ad unit is rendered. This means that user ends up clicking on a section other than the one they intended. You can solve this problem by putting an extra wrapping div around the ad code and then adding a fixed height to the div so the ad loads without layout shifting.
  • Eliminate invalid traffic and clicks from your site. By adding fake clicks, you cannot inflate your CTR.

How does working with Mahimeta affect such issues?

Our publishers are not immune to such issues, but credit goes to our pro-active team, publishers are less likely to experience these issues. Our publisher support team is well experienced in identifying, detecting and settling such issues. If the publisher faces this issue then the effect would be less severe as we not only use google but also source ads from a wide range of quality demand partners. This is one of the advantages of working with Mahimeta.