How Mahimeta Shielding Protects Publishers from AdSense Account Ban?

Many publishers are facing an AdSense account ban without knowing the specific reason. Most of the publishers contacted us and asked us about how to get their AdSense account back.  Google ban publishers if Google found any invalid activity whether publishers are doing this invalid activity knowingly or unknowingly. Publishers should be pro-active in ensuring Google’s policies. But publishers do not have to worry because Mahimeta’s Shielding system saves publishers from getting banned directly by Google and protects you from all those malicious stuff that will cause publishers their account ban.

In this blog, we will discuss Mahimeta Shielding system, one of the unique features that make Mahimeta safer than other ad networks.

How does Mahimeta Shielding work?

Mahimeta Shielding system allows publishers to not get banned directly by Google. Publishers can monitor their analytics in the analytics tab after signing up with Mahimeta. In the analytics tab publishers can monitor their website invalid activities which our system has blocked and some of them are blocked by our team manually. Below are the invalid activities that our system can detect:

  • URL Blocking: Publishers get a list of URL by Google where there is policy violation like copyright, Adult content, etc. So instead of manually removing ads on those pages publishers can remove ads by simply saving a URL like and our system will not render any ads on that page.
  • Bad Keyword Blocking: Mahimeta scans each page in real-time where ads are rendered and if found any violating words then it will inform the publisher in the dashboard so the publisher can either block ads on that page or remove violating words.
  • Automatic Word Changing: If publisher is too lazy to change or block URLs then he can simply opt-in to change violating words with XXXX for example change word “Murder” on page with “xxxxxx” before Google ads are rendered. This will save publishers with future violations.
  • Bad Traffic: Mahimeta system check in real-time bot traffic, empty user-agent and block those automatically which lead to Google AdSense ban.
  • Top Browsers: Mahimeta system checks in real-time if the browsers are well known and only serves ads to those browsers which are legit. All other browser traffic is blocked automatically.
  • Top Operating System: Mahimeta system check in real-time if OS where traffic is coming is legit or not and block ads which looks phishing OS.
  • Countries: Mahimeta system check in real-time if traffic is coming from a real country or unknown and block traffic which are fake.
  • Fake IPs: Fake IPs can be blocked by the Mahimeta system. Mahimeta has blocked 20000+ fake IPs till now.
  • Referrers: Publishers buy cheap traffic and don’t really know if that is coming from legit sources which lead to Google AdSense get banned. Mahimeta system blocks all bad referrals like traffic coming from porn sites.
  • IP Change: Frequent IP changing from a site viewer on a single session is usually fake. Mahimeta system blocks all traffic on second IP change on a particular viewer session.
  • Overlapping Ads: Google ban AdSense if their ads overlapped by other content or out-page ads. Mahimeta system detects this overlapping and informs publishers to fix it in their dashboard.
  • Missing UA: This means the user agent was missing from requests. It usually signifies bot traffic or fake traffic which Mahimeta system block.
  • Fraud Clicks: High number of clicks or SPAM clicks from a single session usually lead to Google AdSense ban which Mahimeta system blocks all those clicks on ads. With breathtaking beauty and poise, an escort in obwalden promises to tantalize your senses. Experience the ultimate night of pleasure with an attentive and gorgeous companion.
  • Fraud Impressions: High number of impressions that were detected from a single session which led to SPAMMING and banning of Google AdSense account. Mahimeta system do not show ads to those sessions which it serve high number of ads
  • Small screens: A large number of accesses from devices with screen width less than 300px mean illegal or iframe traffic. Mahimeta system block all those traffic swiftly and keep publisher peace of mind.
  • CTR: Very high CTR signifies illegal or fraud clicks on ads. Which Mahimeta know how much CTR is allowable under Google TOS and keep the publisher CTR in a normal range by blocking bad clicks
  • Thin Content: Google don’t like ads display on very less content pages or 404 pages which lead of AdSense account banning. Mahimeta system inform publisher of their less content pages so publisher can work accordingly
  • Platform Traffic: Publishers buy cheap traffic and if it’s coming from mainly Desktop or mainly Mobile then it’s an alarm that traffic is FAKE. Mahimeta system informs publishers about such activity on the publisher site so they can fix it before Google finds out.

How Publishers are Safe with Mahimeta?

Publishers can find out all above through Google Analytics but GA really does not block or disable ads on those violation pages, further Google Analytics is more complex for a normal publisher to handle.

Mahimeta’s publishers are safer than any other ad networks, our shielding system automatically blocks any invalid activity which leads the publisher to account ban. Publishers can also monitor any invalid activities found on their websites and blocked by our system. These qualities make Mahimeta more secure and superior than any other ad networks.

We had spent almost a decade testing and trial all above blocking systems which really do not affect publisher revenue as in the end of the day Google do not pay for invalid impressions. Also these blocking attracts premium Advertisers as you would be sending pure human traffic without spamming.

All of the above services we provide is FREE of cost when publishers use our Ads which yield better CPM and revenue than any other ad network.