Most of the publishers questioned us that how many ad networks they should use. Whether you have a blog site, news site or any other website, ad networks can be a key method of getting going with ads monetization until you progress to more vast technologies. However, third-party ad networks are not only for small publishers. Many large publishers also use third-party ad networks to maximize their ad revenue.

Publishers who recently started

Some publishers will try to add AdSense or other ad networks within some days of creating their website. This will not provide you with potential returns because of low traffic. However, some ad networks have no minimum traffic requirements and publishers can easily sign up. These ad networks allow publishers to self-service their accounts.

The advantage of using one of these ad networks at this point is that it gets you used to how to place ads and how to manage ads on your website.

Is there any specific limit to ad networks publishers should use?

No, but there’s a perfect spot. Don’t believe that more ad networks mean more impressions or more ad revenue. Experiment with different layouts, formats and sizes to improve your ads performance and revenue.


Experimenting with different ad layouts, formats and sizes can be challenging for you if you don’t have time and skills. Let us handle your ad inventory. Mahimeta has been helping publishers in optimizing their ads and maximizing their ad revenue. Sign up now.

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