Advertisers want best space to display their ads. Publishers fulfill advertisers needs by selling their inventory. For advertisers, value of ad inventory means high conversion rates. For publishers, value of ad inventory means higher CPM and better revenue. But it is sometime hard for publishers to determine the value of their ad inventory. In this blog, we will discuss how publishers can determine the value of their ad inventory. Determining the value of the ad inventory can help publishers to sell their ad inventory in right price.

How Publishers can Find Out the Value of Their Ad Inventory?

Below are the questions every publisher should ask to themselves in order to determine the value of their ad inventory:

Where are the Ads Displayed?

Ad inventory can usually be divided into two sections: Above the Fold(ATF) and Below the Fold(BTF). Advertisers want their ads to be clearly visible on web page. Advertisers spend more in ATF inventory because it offers higher chances of interaction. On the other hand, BTF inventory can be a source of extra revenue for publishers.

What Ad Sizes and Types are Displayed?

300×600, 300×250 and 728×90 are the most effective ad sizes. Therefore advertisers are willing to pay more for these ad sizes. Pop up and pop under can generate very high CPM but they can irritate users.

What is the Geographical Location of Users?

US traffic is most valuable among advertiser and publisher both, followed by other English speaking countries. But this is changing with time as advertisers are seeking for ad inventory in other geographical locations too.

What is the Traffic Source?

If mostly traffic of a website is direct, search or organic then the inventory of this website is high-value and users spend more time on this site. On the other hand a website with similar traffic but from different social media may not has similar value. Users from these sources are most likely to bounce off sooner.

Publishers should work to improve the quality of their ad inventory to provide more value to advertisers. Determining the value of ad inventory can help publisher’s in maximizing their revenue.

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