The majority of publishers have experienced AdSense invalid traffic deductions. Google will deduct your earnings if it found any invalid traffic. Many publishers are also not aware of invalid traffic coming from bad traffic sources or maybe one of your competitor sending bot traffic to destroy your reputation in the digital industry. Every publisher must be ready for this situation and take action before it’s too late.

AdSense only provide an estimated revenue to publishers in their AdSense dashboard. But at the end of the month AdSense make invalid traffic deductions and finalize publishers earnings.

Below is the screenshot of publishers earnings with invalid traffic deductions. If you had any invalid traffic deductions, it will also show in your dashboard.

What can publishers do to minimize the AdSense invalid traffic deductions?

Publishers must keep an eye on their traffic closely to prevent themselves from AdSense invalid traffic deductions. If publishers are buying traffic they must research first and use only trusted traffic sources. Publishers must not click their own ads. Publishers must place their ads according to AdSense guidelines to avoid accidental clicks. You can minimize the AdSense invalid traffic deductions by following these instructions but that might not be enough.

What if you are not aware of the invalid traffic on your site and gets your AdSense account banned?

Don’t worry with the Mahimeta analytics system you can keep an eye on your traffic and filter out the bad traffic in real-time that can harm your site. This means no AdSense invalid traffic deductions. Sign up now to minimize AdSense traffic deductions and to protect your AdSense account from getting banned.

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