You might be thinking that invalid activity is not a big deal but it is one of the things that most publishers do not want on their site. Because of invalid activity, one can even get banned for this reason without even being aware of it.

Google uses both human effort and automated systems to find invalid action activity. Rapid website traffic monitoring and inspection of ad implementation are very important in order to keep the website free from click fraud.

These are some practices to avoid invalid click activity

– Firstly, you need to be aware of your traffic and site visitors by splitting your traffic reports into notable sections.

– Then be very careful when obtaining any activity, and review the traffic provider to help manage your exchanges with any activity supplier you’re considering. This will also assist you to see precisely the sort of activity you will need to accept before buying the traffic, and you cannot obtain from collaborating with untrusted/ low-quality parties.

– Always make sure your execution that there are no programming errors and it satisfies Google’s policies. Encouraging accidental clicks is forbidden in Ad Exchange. So if your ads have been properly executed your site will be secured against inconvenience caused by accidental clicks.

– Use the authorized site feature to avoid unauthorized use of your ad code. Never click on your own ads, this is also prohibited in Ad Exchange.


The information mentioned above tells you that it is very important to protect your business from ad fraud and invalid traffic. These days this is not only enough to save yourself from any invalid activity or fraud. You need advanced technology that can avoid invalid traffic from serving to your ads in real-time. We are here to save you; all you have to do is to sign up now on Mahimeta.

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