In this blog, we will take a closer look at changing the time zone of your Google Ad Manager account. Let’s get dive into it.

Publishers can choose time zone and currency settings while setting up their new Google Ad Manager account.

  1. Open Google Ad Manager
  2. Admin > Global settings > Network settings
  3. Choose the appropriate time zone and currency settings
  4. Click save

Most of you might be thinking, that’s great but what if we already set up our Google Ad Manager account and made a mistake?

On this page, Google clearly told publishers the following:

“Before you do anything in your new Google Ad Manager account, make sure that the network settings are correct. Once you have created your first order in your account, network time zone and currency are permanently set and cannot be changed.”

You can change the time zone and currency settings until you create your first order.


Managing your Google Ad Manager account can be challenging for new publishers. As publishers probably end up doing lots of mistakes that can cost them time and money in the end.

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