Generally most of the people think that the ads can affect user experience. But this is not true because ads help users to reaching their products they need. Ads are not a problem but how the ads are shown to the viewers can be troublesome. Ads cannot spoil user experience if they are shown in a right way on the website.

In this blog we will guide you about what you should do and what you should avoid to provide best user experience to your users despite showing ads on your website.

Label Ads on Your Website

Label your ads as “advertisement” or “sponsored” so that the users can distinguish between ads and website content. This will not affect user experience and maintain trust between user and publisher.

Quantity of Ads

Publisher should maintain balance between ads and content. If website have more ads than content then it will definitely be irritating for users. Website content is the value, publishers provide to the users and revenue from the ads are what publishers get in return for the provided value. But this does not mean you should reduce the number of ads, instead you can balance the ads and content on your website for best user experience.

Implement Frequency Capping

If a user is not interested in an ad, don’t show him the ad again and again. Same ad showing again and again can affect user experience. Implement frequency capping to avoid showing the same ad again and again to a user.

Try Contextual Ads

Contextual ads are the ones which is related to the content on the page. These ads help users in reaching the right product and therefore it has great user experience.

Make Your Ads Load Faster

If your ads don’t load on time, it will leave a blank space at the place of ad and between the website content which create negative impact on user. Therefore make your ads load faster for better user experience.


Ads don’t affect user experience if they are displayed in the right way. Successful monetization depends on the values publisher provides to their users with right balance between content and ads. At Mahimeta, we help publishers to monetize their websites without affecting the user experience. If you are having any problem related to balancing user experience and ads get in touch with us.

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