For those publishers who are growing rapidly looking to step up from Google Adsense and want to generate more revenue from their ads, Google Ad exchange makes for a compelling case. AdX selects eligible publishers to gain access to bigger pool of campaigns from best advertisers and brands all over the world, means more demand and competition for ad space, which means higher cpm and revenue for publishers.

Publishers prefer moving to AdX from Adsense for better monetization of their inventory.  AdX opens up numerous opportunities as compared to Adsense. For example:

  • AdX grants publishers to sell impression, not clicks as in case of Adsense
  • AdX provide access to worldwide demand from other networks as well, while in Adsense, publisher rely on Google ad advertisers only.

Why it is not easy to access Google AdX:

To get access to AdX, you have to be a preferred publisher with at least 5 million page views per month. The reason is that Google position AdX as the premium version of Adsense. Most of the campaigns that run on AdX are CPM campaigns. That is the reason that brands and advertisers run their campaigns on AdX because they know that the ads are being serve on top quality publishing website online.

Access AdX through Google Partners:

There is another way to gain access to AdX for publishers that are not eligible for it. Publishers have to sign up with Google Certified Publishing Partner. We for instance, provide not only access to AdX to our publishers but also the best cpm rates. Our pre violation detection system protects our publishers from getting ban through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools and services. We will also connect you with top tier ad exchanges and networks, so you have access to a vast pool of demand.