If an ad is not seen, can it have an impact, change of perception, or help in building brand trust? So it is very important to know about the viewability of video ads.

The active view is known as Google viewable impression management technology that is on YouTube and on certain display network websites that allows google ads to regulate to see if your ad is viewable by potential customers.

It has switched from container measurement to creative measurement to comply. It uses an authoritarian evaluation of when to begin the measurement based on when the ad creative is fully filled.

The steps to ensure if an impression was considered viewable for video creatives

  1. Open the Live page in Google and then press the F12 key to open Google Developers Tools.
  2. Navigate to the Networks tab in the Console.
  3. Filter out the ‘ads?’ and identify the Video ad requests with the domain.
  4. From the response headers, find the line item ID/ad unit name for which you are checking the viewability.
  5. Then, check if the video ad request is made from an IMA SDK integrated player (Active View will not be recorded if it is not)
  6. Navigate to the Response tab from one of the events, copy a few characters.
  7. Paste these characters in the filter by replacing the ads.
  8. Open each of the lists and look out for the pings with the following labels ‘active_view_video_measurable_impression’ and ‘viewable_impression.’
  9. If these 2 pings are fired as deliberated, the video creative is considered to be viewable, and then the metrics are recorded in Ad Manager.

Best alternatives to improve video viewability

1. Premium experiences

A premium video experience can make more value for your viewers and make your video ad inventory more interesting to the advertisers. It makes your videos load quickly, easy to use and find and offers valuable and relevant content across screens, therefore, leading to viewers returning to your platform and your viewability rates can increase.

2. Placement- it makes it easy for people to find and watch your video content and ads

The placement of your videos can make a huge impact on your viewability. It makes it as easy as possible for people to find and watch your video content and ads, place videos in an optimal location. You can even run many tests to anticipate where users spend time on your website or app and place the video player in those locations.

3. Player—applying larger video players can maximize the viewability

The larger the video player, the more users view the ad. By increasing your instream video player size to fill up the majority of the screen, you can increase the viewability of your video ads.


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