Ad refreshing was being misused in its early days as some of the greedy publishers saw it as a get rich quick strategy and due to this its reputation fell and its use ended.

But now all pf that is changing. With new and improved technology and measurements, the industry is again on the move and with fresher and newer opportunities for both the brands and publishers.

Now lets further get into the Ad refresh to know more about if its favourable and essential.


If you are a publisher who use ad inventory then you have the knowledge of the basics. And you know that its a really simple strategy as you are selling ad space to brands and track the clicks they receive and then you receive the payment each time a user clicks.

This all is the ability’s of the publishers to change sets of ads based on certain triggers analysing user behaviour (e.g. by clicking, scrolling or searching).

But again this all must be done in a right way so that it benefits the publisher with greater revenue , the brand with enough views and clicks and the user with value added offer.

More about the ad refreshing

Publishers should choose using another metric for going at the growth of revenue, such as the earnings through per thousand visitors, instead of clicks per thousand.

Because every publishing site is not same, and the average time spent on a page may vary l. The only process for finding the ideal time trigger is to test every day.

Is this worth giving a try ?

Yes as it provide two thing in place:

  • Your website attracts viewers who stay longer and get exposed to the ad refreshing and trigger by their behaviour and the time frame you have set.
  • You have a good partner in an ad-tech vendor. There are varieties of refresh solution vendors. You have to Choose one which can take care of those “to-dos” which are mentioned above, without affecting viewability and provide accuracy in the long term reporting to you.


Ad refresh can be a very fair and useful revenue growth strategy if it keeps both your advertisers and viewers happy and coming back for more.

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