Publishers are experiencing a sudden drop in revenue this January, after a fruitful festive season. Well, this is a recurring issue and Publisher should find ways to mitigate this problem. In this blog, we will discuss reasons behind January ad revenue drop and how publishers can deal with it.

Reasons Behind the Ad Revenue Drop

There are three reasons affecting ad revenue, there will be one of the following reasons behind your revenue drop.

Drop in Ad Request

During the festive season users tend to surf pages a lot for online shopping and gift purchasing. But after this holiday season, this behavior gets back to normal or could be lower than publisher’s monthly averages. This sudden change in browsing behavior has a direct impact on the number of ad requests, this results in low impressions. Publishers can find out this issue through their analytics.

Drop in Fill Rate

Publishers would not get Q4 floor prices in January. In order to stop dropping fill rate, publishers should readjust the floor prices of their ad inventory. This is because of less demand of ad inventory, as less number of users are engaged and, accordingly, advertisers prefer to spend less.

Drop in CPM

Even if the publishers maintain the number of impressions on their sites can experience drop in CPM because of lower advertiser bids. Out of all three reasons, CPM drop is most important problem that can impact publisher’s revenue.

What Publishers can Do About Revenue Drop?

Publishers should consider revenue drop as a seasonal effect that will be resolve with time. There are few steps to deal with revenue drop.

  • Don’t panic as this is a seasonal effect.
  • Understand what cause revenue to drop.
  • Identify whether the revenue drop is normal for your website.
  • Use this opportunity to experiment different placements or new demands.


Revenue drop is a common issue. Publisher should not panic in this situation and take every single step wisely. Mahimeta worked with publishers across the globe and provided them best support in dealing with these issues. If you are facing revenue drop and need any assistance then get in touch with us.

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