Recently, Google has introduced limited ads (LTD) to give publishers the ability to serve ads in a limited way which will now be available in Google Ad Manager. So now in this blog, we will tell you more about Limited ads (what are they, how do they work and perform and more!)

What are limited ads and how do they work?

Limited ads are made to assist publishers with a new method to monetize their website traffic with no need to obtain authorization for the utilization of cookies or other local identifiers.

However, if a publisher uses the TCF v2.0 consent framework, Google will make an attempt to serve an eligible limited ad. Therefore, if a publisher sends a signal through URL parameter {ltd=1}, then Google will likewise attempt to serve an eligible limited ad anyway to user location.

Limited ads have disabled all personalization and features which required the use of a local identifier. The feature which is now not available in limited ads is the use of ad personalization, targeting the audience, re-marketing, search, and survey lift measurements etc.

Do look at the Google Support Article for the whole list of cookies and local identifier features that are not available for LTD:

The demand eligibility

Reservations and their creatives are meant to link with the non-programmatic line items which include the guaranteed and the non-guaranteed program. So, therefore, the Programmatic demand is not available for limited ads including Programmatic Guaranteed, Prefer Deals, Private Auction, and Open Auction for Google and third-party demand.

AdSense is also not supported and as it continues to require cookie consent in order to serve any ads.

The creative eligibility

The creative eligibility is based on the following schemes:

  1. Creatives are permitted for the limited ad if the publisher has still not proclaimed any ad technology providers and google has still not identified any.
  2. Under the TCF 2.O, the creatives are only filtered if an anonymous ad technology provider is identified, or an ad technology provider is known to breach Google’s policy or it lacks any legal basis under the framework.

 The mediation

  1. There is no creative implementation with non-personalized ads are enabled with the use of Google’s EU users.
  2. Under the TCF 2.O, All the creatives are in the general are entitled to reservations, so we ensure that ad technology providers and other programmatic demand sources do not breach the google policies and have a minimum of one legal basis for processing the data


There are now no new user interface controls to implement limited ads until now. Publishers can identify the ad tag here. The use of IMA SDK to make to trigger LTD usage by adding up the tag ltd = 1 to the URL for web and app publishers.

For more information click this link:


We know that limited ads are a very great inventive of Google to help publishers monetize users. The more user’s authorization is there the more the aimed ads you can manifest them. For further help please get in touch with us now. Sign up now to get started!

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