The fastest way to get started is to create a guest post page on your website. Open the page and layout all the conditions for publishing content on your site. Such like

How many links do you permit on each blog?

What should the length of content be (sometimes the more is better), Should people talk to you if there are new topic ideas or will you provide topic ideas yourself, how to contact you and which type of content are you not looking for?

Requirements might vary from publisher to publisher, but the list above will help you begin.

Why would anyone give free content?

The procedure of getting featured on an external website is simply another type of advertising. Sometimes guest posting is against Googles terms of services or sometimes it is a good step for SEO. It is all up to you to decide what you want.

With this procedure, a person will write a guest post for your website so you give them a link in return to thank them for their work. The article they wrote snatches traffic to your website and additional leads to their site.

You can also get free quality content to publish on your site.

Some aspects to consider before

You should consider these concepts before accepting and publishing guest posts on your sites. Should you permit do-follow links?

Yes, no-follow links do not give SEO link power and uncertainly won’t get someone interested in the guest posting of your site. On some occasions, people will allow no-follow links so therefore your site needs to have stronger metrics.

How much should you charge money for guest posts? This is all up to you. This is a grey area in terms of what Google accepts for SEO standards. Still, you’ll be shocked at how many sites charge money to get featured on websites. If it is not a sponsored post, then it might be something to change and you can consider allowing payment. None the less the whole idea of this procedure is to get higher quality content for free of charge.

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