If you are new to Google Ad Manager and trying to know about the costs of using the ad server? Then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss revenue share between publishers and Google Ad Manager.

Firstly, there is no revenue share between publishers and Google Ad Manager, at least until publishers reach a specific limit of impression. This means that signing up and using Google Ad Manager is generally free unless you reach a 90 million impression limit

Google Ad Manager is not an ad network, ad provider or SSP. It’s Google flagship ad server that provides a huge range of features to publishers, including ads optimization tools, trafficking capabilities, stats reporting, yield managing and many more.

The majority of publishers use Google Ad Manager to traffic their ads and get paid by the ad networks they partner with till. Then you have to pay particular fees for ad impressions served by non-Google ad networks, direct sales.

What about AdSense or Ad Exchange revenue share?

The revenue share for Google Ad Exchange varies per account or publisher and Google does not publish it because it is confidential.

For AdSense, the publisher receives 68% revenue share for AdSense for content and the publisher receives 51% revenue share for AdSense for search.

Find more information related to AdSense revenue share here:



Google Ad Manager is a great tool to use but it can be challenging for you to spending countless hours getting to know the platform and figuring out how it works. Why not give us the opportunity to manage it all for you?

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