What are Cookies?

A cookie is also known as a web cookie or browser cookie is a text file saved by websites onto the user’s browser which contains information related to a visitor. Cookies have several important uses but the most important uses are user personalization, session management and user tracking.

Cookies are used to track users online. Without cookies, the website would not be able to remember the users settings, preferences and what content they have seen. For instance, if a user visits a website and the cookies of that website will be saved to the user’s browser. Now when the user visits that website again, the browser will remember the user. Below are the different types of web cookies:

First-Party Cookies

A cookie set by the website visited by the user is the first-party cookie. The data collected from these types of cookies are used for purposes like calculating page views, sessions and login details.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are set by a domain instead of the user is visiting. For instance, the publisher added a YouTube link to one of its pages. Whenever that YouTube link gets a click, a cookie is set by YouTube in a user’s browser. This cookie can track user until it expires.

Session Cookies

Session cookies automatically expire after the user leave the web browser. Session cookies are used by e-commerce websites to remember the products placed by the visitors in their cart and to calculate user sessions.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies stay in the user’s browser for a very long time or a certain period. These cookies are used in tracking the users by publishers and their interaction with their websites.

Future of Web Cookies

The digital advertising industry certainly seems to prepare for the demise of third-party-cookie. This will affect the publisher’s revenue. If you look at Safari CPM, you will know it’s lower than Chrome’s CPM. If Chrome also removes the use of cookies, the same will happen with Chrome. We hope a better future for web-Cookies as they are very useful in the digital industry.

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