When a user subconsciously or intentionally ignores page elements which they recognize as online ads is ad blindness. Ad blindness occurs when users focus their attention only on the content which they are interested in.

Users are used to of web page layouts and they know where to look for certain sections of the page. For instance, company logos are mostly placed in the top left corner, while navigation menus can be either placed in the left-hand rail or along the top of the page.

How does Ad Blindness affect publisher revenue and CPM?

Most of the publishers assume that ad blindness causes the user to ignore ads and it only impacts advertisers. However, this assumption would be wrong as ad blindness also affects publishers.

This can impact the publisher’s CPM because advertisers do not want to pay for ads with a lower engagement rate.

To overcome ad blindness and to improve your ad revenue is to get users attention and engage them with the ads on your site, without sacrificing the user experience.

Ways to avoid Ad Blindness:

Native ads:

Native ads are the best solution for ad blindness because native advertising formats match with the look, feel and function of the medium in which they appear. As native ads merge with the content having high chances of users to see and interact with ads.

Testing new ad placements:

Test new ad placement for most effective ad layout. As overtime users become familiar to a website typical layout.

Target ads to your audience:

Users are more responsive to personalized ads. Publisher should think about implementing real-time bidding in order to serve highly targeted ads.

Quality over quantity:

Low quality ads can cause bad user experience and the main reason for ad blindness. Try to pick quality ads that will appear on your website for better user experience. This makes your inventory more valuable which results in higher CPMs.

Engaging ad formats:

Users are attracted in unique and attractive ad formats. For instance, video ads have higher CPMs than banner ads because of their highly engaging nature. If you have any questions contact us.

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