Did you get a notice in your AdSense account to update ads.txt file on your site? Or the other ad networks which you are using are asking you to implement an ads.txt file on your website. Ads.txt is an effort to prevent ad fraud.

In this blog, we will discuss ads.txt and how to create and implement it.

What is ads.txt?

Ads.txt is a text file publicly available is a list of all partners authorized to sell digital inventory. This allows the advertisers to check the validity of the ad inventories they buy.

How to create and implement ads.txt?

If you use AdSense:

If you get a notification to implement the ads.txt which will then generate the exact snippet you need to put into the ads.txt file. The snippet has your publisher information and exactly look like the following:


If you use an ad network like Mahimeta:

Ad networks will provide you your ads.txt file. Mahimeta publishers can download ads.txt in their dedicated dashboard and then upload it to their websites.

If you have a WordPress website:

If you are using WordPress, go into the media library and simply upload it. Below is the step by step screenshot.

What’s Next:

We hope that implementing ads.txt is not hard as you initially thought. Now you know how to implement ads.txt, it’s time to follow the instructions and get the ads.txt file uploaded. If you have any trouble implementing ads.txt file or want to know more about it, get in touch with our support team.

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