Google has introduced the Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) program to help the online publishers by giving them authority to Google services through trustworthy and moreover knowledgeable partners. Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager are two separate platforms examples: DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Why should you work with a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

Working with a GCCP certified company will bring you extra expertise and chance in ad monetization. Google provides its partners with various solutions that give top-quality support and guidance with access to extra products and demand to improve publisher revenue while reducing workload and issues. GCPP certified company provides publishers have the confidence that they are working with the best and can easily rely on this.

Why does Google need partners?

Google has always been a part of partnering with other companies to help grow areas of its business. It is proved that publishers develop faster when they have someone expert to help. While AdSense / Ad Exchange account managers can give some of that expertise. Google is an enormous company that surprises a small workforce. Partner companies are able to give much higher levels of contact, work at greater depth and bring in expertise and services that glory Google’s offering.  This also allows publishers to grow with causing no huge problems of scale for Google’s account management structure.

How are charges applied in GCPP?

Charges vary depending on the partner and the service which is being offered. Mostly some offer sort of revenue share model for some of their service.

How can Mahimeta help publishers?

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