If you want to monetize your website or you want to switch your current ad network because you are dissatisfied with their performance or maybe you want to test multiple ad networks at once for better results but don’t know which ad network is perfect for you then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss several things you should keep in mind while choosing an ad network.

Quality of ads

Most of the publishers do not worry about what ads are being served as long as the ads are being served and they are making some money. This could severely harm your site reputation even if you earn well in short term. It is very important to identify the kind of inventory ad network offers before choosing them.

Variety of ad formats

We prefer an ad network that offers a variety of formats and sizes. So that you can test multiple combinations of ad formats and sizes to get the best out of your inventory. Mahimeta offers the most effective ad formats and sizes. You can check out Mahimeta ad formats and sizes here.

CPM and fill rate

Publishers should make sure that they get the best CPM rates and fill rates. Every ad request that doesn’t get filled is considered as lost revenue. Choose an ad network that offers the best fill rate to take advantage of every opportunity to display every single ad.

Compensation and payment

Ad networks use various compensation methods to pay publishers. The most common methods are CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA, and fixed cost. Publishers must work with those ad networks which offers more compensation methods.

Try to contact the publishers that are currently working with that ad network and ask them about the performance and payment of that ad network. This will help you to choose a better ad network.

Reliable reporting

Most of the ad networks fool publishers by showing wrong stats on their dashboard. Publishers must not rely completely on a particular ad network dashboard.


Choosing an ad network can be complicated if you don’t understand the above dynamics. But when you partnered with Mahimeta, you don’t have to worry about it. You just need to focus on making your site content engaging and unique. We will take care of your site ads optimization and help you generate more from your current inventory. Sign up now!

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