Google AdSense has severe content policies which surround certain types of content. They forbid any content that provokes hatred, harassment, threatening people, etc. If your website consists of any words or content which are inappropriate and violate the inappropriate content category, then you might end up getting an AdSense content violation or you can even lose your ad account.

Here you can look at all the various types of inappropriate content:

Google AdSense will warn through content violations for a minimum of seven days before they suspend your AdSense account. This means that you have time to fix it before things go more wrong.  Many publishers who have large sites and thousands of pages face this issue. It is very hard to detect bad words or inappropriate content if not correctly managed. It is also very challenging to pinpoint the problem.

So, do you want to prevent your AdSense account from getting banned or suspended due to violating any law?

With Mahimeta now you will not have to worry about any content again. Mahimeta helps scan your website and keep you notified whenever the system detects or finds out any bad words or any inappropriate sentence. Whenever the system detects any bad words, it will notify you so then you can simply remove them and prove that it is fixed. In this way now you can get ahead of all content violations and get prevented from getting banned or suspended.


You should fight AdSense content policy violations asap! Because of course, no one wants to get banned from their own account so make sure to sign up with Mahimeta. It also provides publishers with a wide range of features including Header Bidding, revenue attribution, invalid traffic detection and prevention, and so much more!

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