Have you ever visited a website and got bothered with how slow a page is loading? You will most probably switch to alternate website which loads faster. This means that fast loading page will rank better, engage users for longer time and generate more revenue.

In order to provide most effective experience to your users we have listed the ways in which you can optimize your website for faster ad serving.


1. Smaller Image Sizes:

Use smaller image file sizes because the smaller the file size, the faster it loads. You will get frustrated if it takes time to load graphics instead of this you hit back button and switch to another website.

Instead of reducing number of images on a page just reduce the size of images by using any image editor.

2. Limited Number of Ads Per Page:

Use specific number of ad units on your page that you think can best perform. The less ads you display on a single page, the faster the page load.

3. Optimize Page Elements:

Consider if all of your webpage element is important. You can break a longer page into small pages by using pagination. This will make your page load faster and besides this you can show more ads to the users.

4. Asynchronous Ad Tags:

Asynchronous ad tags are third party ad tags. These codes allow the ad to load independently from the rest of the page content. This makes the page load faster.

5. Avoid Slower Ad Network:

Some ad networks slow your page load or ad serving time. This will affect your website user experience and ad revenue. Identify those ad networks and avoid using them. Profesionalios SEO paslaugos gera kaina


If you have any queries related website optimization for faster ad serving get in touch with us.