The Google Ad Exchange, known as AdX is a premium ad monetization platform of Google. Where AdSense offers publishers the simplest way of ad monetization, Google AdX provide access to additional options and control for publishers for better monetization of high-traffic websites. Publishers can access AdX either by being invited by their AdSense account manager or through AdX partner, for instance Mahimeta.

Key Differences Between AdSense and AdX

Google AdX is CPM based platform which means that publisher get paid for the impressions that their visitors see, rather than just ad clicks in AdSense. AdX provide additional features such as Enhanced Dynamic Allocation, Private auctions and Preferred deals that means increased CPM rates. Publishers have control on what ads are shown and how ads are priced in AdX, allowing publishers to maintain balance between revenue and user experience. Through AdX publisher can access to the biggest pool of advertising demand which results in higher CPM rates and revenue.

How Mahimeta Helps Publishers With AdX

Mahimeta helps publishers to get approving their websites for AdX. Once approved our expert team will help publisher in AdX set-up. Publishers can see their reports in their dedicated dashboards. Our most advanced pre-violation system protect publishers from getting ban. Our expert support team is available for publishers to keep everything running smoothly and to ensure better performance.