The society is adapting the new reality of Covid-19. Many websites such as news sites are seeing increased traffic and while some brands are appropriately investing on ads, others may consider this pandemic an inappropriate time for promoting their message.

Even beyond the current world situation, every brand has its own unique point of view and parameters that where their brand appears or does not appear online. This responsibility is sometimes left to keyword blocking system and this system forms one part of brand safety strategy, however it shouldn’t be the entire strategy.

What about the keyword Coronavirus?

Due to this Covid-19 advertisers are sensitive towards coronavirus related content whether their brand does not appear adjacent to Covid-19 related content and for this they block the keyword “coronavirus”. This situation has created a challenge for trusted publishers.

How do I know if I should or shouldn’t be using a keyword?

However as you add, remove or review a keyword, remember to ask yourself these questions:

  • Will my brand safety tool already address this?

Blocking of keyword is done at the content category level for example adult content and contextual technology is sufficient to block ads appearing next to content that is undesirable.

  • Do I actually need to block this word?

Try not to grow your keyword block list. Your keyword list should be the most up to date, so revise it regularly.

  • Which keywords are non-negotiable for my brand?

You may select few key words you want on your list and be clear on areas of risk that are non-negotiable to decide which terms you will want to block.

Mahimeta continues delivering best solutions for our clients and partners. Covid-19 is affecting publisher’s cpm and revenue as the whole world adapts to Covid-19, you should also adapt your digital advertising in a way that fits your brand and benefits the health of digital ecosystem.

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