Did you know that the ads you placed on your website are not seen by the users every time? An average viewability rate is 57.3% of publisher’s ads that means the rest of 42.7% remain unseen by the users. There are many reasons that can obstruct users from viewing the ads. Ad viewability has a direct impact on publisher’s revenue. But most of the publishers are not aware of the importance of ad viewability. In this blog, we will discuss about ad viewability and how publishers can improve it.

What is Ad Viewability?

Ad viewability is a metric through which publishers and advertisers can know about the ratio of ads seen by user or not. For instance, if the advertiser buys 10000 impressions that have 50% viewability rate then we can assume that 5000 impressions are actually seen by users.

According to Google, an impression is counted as a viewable impression or active view when a display ad is 50% in view for minimum 1 second and video ads which are 50% in view playing for minimum 2 seconds.

Ways to Improve Ad Viewability

1. Test Different Ad Positions, Sizes and Layouts

Publishers should place the ads above the fold for better results. Publishers should test most effective ad sizes with different positions. The most effective layout is which engages user for longer time. Sticky ads have better viewability rate as it sticks to the users screen.

2. Make Your Page Loads Faster

Slow loading of a website page can affect the user experience and the user bounce off the page. This can affect the ad viewability of the website. But there are ways to make your page loads faster:

  • Lazy loading
  • Asynchronous loading
  • Limiting passbacks

3. Make Your Content Engaging

Publisher’s should try to engage their users as they scroll through the page and view more ad placements. More time user spend on your website means higher viewability. Publishers should use more video content on their websites as video ads have higher viewability.

4. Optimize Ads for Mobile

As majority traffic comes from mobile, publishers should focus on mobile ad optimization. Use 300×250 ad unit for mobiles as this is the most effective ad size and advertisers prefer this size. Publishers should also avoid accidental clicks by adding space between content and ads. This will improve user experience and ad viewability.


Improving ad quality is very important for every publisher for better user experience and ad viewability. The publishers with higher ad viewability rate have more demand of their ad inventory.

If you are having any trouble related ad viewability, get in touch with us. Mahimeta provides support to the publishers having these types of issues.