One of the most important thing that publishers have to pay attention to is Choosing of the ideal ad sizes for displaying ads to users. Nowadays there is a numerous and variety of banner ads size available making the task of publishers more difficult.

What is Banner Advertising?

This term specifically mean to the use of rectangular ad sizes for displaying ads. The ad creative consists of an image, text, or a combination of both these things. But the  publishers might have noticed that the image-based banner ads are the most rife and admired. The reasons for the greater use of banner ads in the ad tech industry are that they can help in building brand value more efficiently and effectively, easier to implement, and can be used for retargeting.

Publishers should also look that while the terms ‘banner ads’ and ‘display ads’ are often used in the ad tech industry there is a little difference between them. The biggest difference is that the banner ads are a subset of display advertising. Display ads consists of banner ads, interstitials, or video ads. In the current case, the term banner ads is used to refer to different ad sizes.

Why does Banner Advertising still Work?

The advertising industry has conquered a long way since the  display ads first were introduced. While the whole concept of digital advertising was backed off with banner ads back in the day, now the  publishers and advertisers have a numerous innovative ad formats at their disposal.

Well the native ads or in-app ads have proved to help the  publishers earn higher revenue. But this does not show that banner ads are completely useless. Banner advertising has been a easier way for publishers to earn ad revenue and for advertisers to enrich their brand awareness.

The main element is to create an effective banner advertising strategy is to make sure that you are thinking beyond everything . On the hand of advertisers, the banner ad should be as creative as it can be, it should be eye catching, and have a catchy message that snatches users and attention and is relevant to the user. While for the Publishers, it can make sure that they are offering quality ads, which means having authority to good demand partners.  A strategy like this can definitely result in a successful and victorious banner ad campaign and help publishers increase impressions. Betandreas bookmaker company encourages its customers in every way. Especially it concerns new players, who are just starting to get acquainted with the bookmaker. bet andreas The official website has all the necessary information to minimize the risks of losing significant amounts of money on sports betting.

Banner Ad Sizes

These are some of the different types of banner ads for desktop and mobile:

  1. Medium rectangle (300×250)
  2. Leaderboard (728×90)
  3. Wide skyscraper (160×600)
  4. Half page (300×600)
  5. Large rectangle (336×280)
  6. Billboard (970×250)
  7. Banner (468×60)
  8. Half banner (234×60)
  9. Skyscraper (120×600)
  10. Portrait (300×1050)

And many more……..

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