Ad networks work directly with the publishers as well as with mediation systems. Working with ad networks assume long-term relationship and ad networks seem to be more loyal and honest. Meanwhile, they may cheat publishers by stealing the large part of publisher’s income in order to increase their income. But all the ad networks are not the same and just waiting for the opportunity to cheat publishers. There are good ad networks that help publishers to monetize their websites and there are bad ad networks that will use publishers to increase their income. To become a successful publisher you need to know how bad ad networks can damage your website. And then select a mediation services or ad network that will fairly maximize monetization of your websites.

The ad network can manage your website ads and statistics. Ad network gets opportunity, when the client places the ad network JS code on the website. But publishers do not have to worry if there is trust or some personal agreement, but publishers should not blindly trust when working directly with the ad networks.

Below are the different methods of fraud that a bad ad network can use.

1. Multi Format Advertising

Ad networks use several ad formats such as banner, pop-under, vast or push without the knowledge of the publishers. Usually, the agreement between the publisher and the ad network clearly states that what ad format will be placed on your website. But ad networks, in greed of earning more can go against this agreement. This fraud can be done through adding JS tag. Through this technique, these fraud ad networks offer publishers attractive rates. For instance, very high CPM for banners.

The ad network manager then disables multi-format on publisher’s IP and region. Ad networks also block multi-format ads for VPN traffic so that the publishers cannot see extra ads by using VPN.

2. Fake Figures

If publishers are only relying on ad networks for statistics, ad networks can fool them by showing fake figures. Fraud ad networks may shave traffic of publisher’s website and doesn’t show the revenue this traffic brought and just keep it. Ad network may also shave only traffic statistics but pay all the revenue to the publisher. Through this they can raise CPM that attracts naive publishers who think that they are getting high cost of their impressions.

Publishers should use alternative tracker and compare numbers to find out fake figures.

3. Increasing Frequency Capping

Fraud ad networks can increase frequency capping for the user. For instance, publisher has an agreement of showing pop-under once a day to the user. Just like multi-format, ad networks disable publisher’s IP and location and increase frequency capping to those regions where it will be unnoticed. Although ad networks are stealing publisher’s profit, very high frequency capping of pop-under may affect website traffic. Firstly Google will remove publisher’s website from the search engine websites which do not meet the requirements of the coalition for better ads. Secondly you will lose your traffic because of bad user experience.

4. Traffic Redirect

Fraud ad networks can redirect your website traffic to other resources in order to earn more. Ad networks can increase their income by selling publisher’s traffic to these resources. Ad networks redirect just a small part of the traffic so that the publishers will not doubt them. If banner CPM is 5-10 times higher than the other banners, then it is confirmed redirect traffic.

5. Aggressive Advertising

Aggressive advertising is when the visitors are not able to use website until they take some action. For instance, complete surveys to continue. Fraud ad networks may also show false virus alerts to extract more money. This can result in ban from Google and bad user experience.

Similarly like multi-format and frequency capping fraud ad networks block aggressive ads in publisher’s region  and for VPN traffic.

How Mahimeta Publishers are Safe from These Frauds?

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