What is the Largest Contentful Paint?

The Largest Contentful paint measures how long it takes for a web page to provide the largest content element available on the page.

According to Google LCP is a very essential user centric for measuring achieved load speed because it marks the point in the page load timeline when the page’s main content has likely loaded so therefore a fast LCP assists to ensure the user that the page is useful.

The good LCP score:

As claimed by Google’s guidance a good LCP score should be less than 2.5 secs. This make sure about the good UX. The LCP score threshold are these:

* Good LCP: LCP should be of 1200 milliseconds or less

* LCP needs to be improved : LCP should be between 1200 and 2400 milliseconds.

* Poor LCP = LCP should be higher than 2400 milliseconds.

Method to measure Largest Contentful Paint Score?

The publishers or the webmasters can perform a largest contentful paint test by using these tools:

  1. Chrome User Experience report (CUER)
  2. Page speed insights
  3. Search console
  4. Chrome Devtools
  5. Lighthouse
  6. Webpage test

We can easily find LCP score in all these tools as LCP is a metric approved by Google.

Method To Improve First Contentful Paint (FCP) time:

– Eliminate render blocking resources

– Remove unnecessary CSS so that it will not have impact on the loading time of your site.

– Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS can reduce the LCP time of your website and remove all extra useless irrelevant characters.

– Use of right size images. You can utilise with an image optimiser like SSmush or Hummingbird to reduce the image size. Which will also Reduce the size and avoids overloading generating a high LCP. VIP Erotic Girls.

– Choose a good host service as it impacts pages loading time.  Try a good hosting provider which provides an adequate infrastructure for your sites size.

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