Google has recently announced that the way mobile app impressions are counted in Google Ad Manager would change on 3 May 2021.

On 3 May 2021, direct-sold impressions will directly start counting whenever one or more pixels of the creative are visible on the device screen. This impression counting methodology is known as Begin to render and it is also used with the AdMob network.

This change is all part of google focusing more on event-driven impressions with better viewability. Viewability has also grown of great importance to advertisers who want to ensure that their ads are viewed by website visitors. You should keep in mind that there need to be different impressions On Mobile apps can use creatives and if it is based on a methodology such as count-on-download then an impression can get counted without fully being shown to a visitor. It’s much more accurate to count impressions once they begin to render and show to visitors.

The purpose of this blog was to focus on event-driven methods which might increase the chances of ad creatives actually being seen by users and counted more perfectly in line with viewability factors.


Google anticipates that most of the publishers will see an increase in ad revenue in longer terms and a lower impression. You should keep in mind that before optimizing inventory you might experience some decline in the ad impressions. And revenue initially because not every time impression is counted when the line items win. This will also lead to advertisers trusting the publisher’s ad inventory and effective getting back for direct deals.

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