For many publishers, monetizing website traffic can be very challenging. In this blog, we will look at three authentic and time tested methods that you can use to monetize your site and make a real online business. For every method, we will show you a quick overview and show you how to get started.

1 – The display advertising

All businesses, brands, and publications are made in the process of selling advertising space. It is an old monetization method and one of the best methods available. Technology has played a vital role in helping advertisers to buy targeted ad space and also helped publishers monetize their ad inventory.

How to get started

In order to start first, you need access to the advertisers that want to publicity of their products and services on your website audience. The easiest and quickest way to gain access to them is through the ad network.

Start by signing up for an ad network such as Google AdSense. If you want to find out how to optimize your AdSense ads, take a look at our AdSense course, where we teach you how to maximize your ad revenue with AdSense. They are many other ad networks that you can sign up for too.

2 – Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the method of promoting a third party good or service and then generating a commission every time you assist a client or make a sale.

How to get started

First, you need to figure out where the great traffic from your website comes from. Then find the better product or service to promote your website niche.

For Example: If most of the traffic is coming from the USA then you can test affiliate programs to advertise products from Amazon, Walmart, Target and etc. You will need to find from which affiliate program are the best commission rates, terms, and conditions, and make sure you comply with any regulations imposed. you can also do a search on Google for product and affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is best on its own. Make sure to check out Authority Hackers and all the content they have related to affiliate marketing here to understand more about this monetization method.

3 – Ecommerce

Ecommerce is the method of selling goods online. There are various ways to do this all. You can sell White label products (products that are already made for you then put your branding on). You can purchase products directly from suppliers to customers. Or you even can import products from a supplier and then sell them to your customers through your website.

How to get started

It is very similar to affiliate marketing. First here again You have to find out that from where the bulk of your website traffic comes from. Then find the best product to sell to your website audience. After all this you will need to focus on how to find a supplier for your product, Decide whether you should import and keep stock yourself or use a parcel service, Figure out the price ( how to create the pricing) by taking a look at your competitors and determine your profit margins, Set up an online store to sell and create a separate audience, Shift traffic from your website to your online store, Make orders by sending them out to customers or getting your drop shipping authorities to do it for you, Manage customer queries, returns, refunds, and any other issues and lastly, of course, make a profit!

This guide on starting an eCommerce business will also help you:

Which method you should choose?

All of the above methods are profitable, but we recommend you the display advertising. This method is the simplest. If you need more help related display advertising, get in touch with us. For any more inquiries please contact us on