Flashcard sites or quiz sites are said to be extremely effective for learning purposes. They make studying easier and entertaining while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. These are cards that contain information in the form of pictures, words, phrases, numbers, definitions associated with the subject or topic you are learning, and its purpose is to test yourself on these particular topics. It is much easier and more fun to create quizzes using flashcards. There are numerous platforms having existing templates that can be used to build a game without putting much effort into it.


Whenever someone is developing an online site then the monetary side of it is said to be a primary source of motivation. Likewise, in the present world of digital advertising, these sites have a vital potential of generating good revenue by placing ads. Generally, a great portion of ad revenue for most of the sites is generated using display advertisements. For example, native ads, rewarded ads, interstitial ads etc.

Now we will discuss a few of these ad types and how they work in boosting the revenue of flashcards or quiz sites. We will also discuss some other techniques that contribute to the effective monetizing of sites.


Rewarded ads give a chance to users to watch a video.

On entertainment-based sites like flashcards or quiz sites, it really excites the users if they can get a free trial or get an extra paid feature inside a game just by watching a video.

Over the last past few years, there has been a great increase in the competition in the mobile gaming market.

Rewarded ads are also known to be assigned with the right balance. Therefore, it boosts revenue and user engagement on quiz or flashcard sites rapidly.

INTERSTITIAL Advertisements

These days’ interstitial ads are well known for being used in ad formats on gaming sites and applications. Whenever it loads on a user’s screen, there are two things: either he can visit the advertiser’s landing page, or he can close the pop-up ad and continue playing the game from where he left off. These ads can also be inserted between different stages of a quiz, but it is hard to adjust the frequency capping to ensure that it won’t have effects on the experience of the user taking a quiz or playing a game. Therefore, these are some of the best ad formats for advertisers to promote themselves and a great source of revenue for developers who are interested in developing quizzes and game sites.


It is well known that header bidding is the most powerful strategy in increasing the auction pressure for an ad impression. It forces advertisers to pay more to win the auction, so they can deliver their ads on a site or application

Header-Bidding adds a minor delay in the loading of these ads which is the biggest drawback.  Therefore, it provides developers with a chance to increase the timeout for HB auction to make sure that maximum bidders take part in the auction which results in increased competition and will ensure better rates and generate more revenue

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