Publishers are always trying to improve their site’s performance, layout and user experience for better monetization. Being in a media industry requires you to cater to the interest of both advertiser and users. Publishers should not only focus on their revenue instead they should also focus on their website’s performance and user experience. Lazy loading is one of the technique through which you can improve your website performance. In this blog, we will discuss lazy loading ads and should publishers implement lazy loading ads or not.

Lazy Loading Ads

Usually, when a user visits a website, the entire page, including ads, is loaded at once. Lazy loading is a feature that allows publishers to serve ads only when the users are likely to view them as they scroll down to the site. Lazy loading ads can only be use below the fold. This means lazy loading ads is configuring your ads to display only when your users actually scroll down.

The main objective here is to increase ad viewability, reduce page latency and ultimately improve website and ads experience.

Benefits of Lazy Loading Ads

Better User Experience

Too many ads can impact the loading time of a webpage. Lazy loading ads are only loaded if they are likely to be viewed. This helps the page loads faster and result in better user experience.

Improved Viewability

When you are loading ads that are most likely to be seen by the viewers, resulting in better ad viewability. Advertisers don’t like paying for impressions that users don’t see. This means that the higher viewability score, the more valuable your ad inventory is. Higher viewability also result in high CTR rates.

Increased Revenue

Due to high viewability rate and CTR, value of your inventory increased. This results in higher rates in auctions and increased revenue.

Should publishers implement lazy loading ads or not?

We should recommend publishers to test lazy loading ads as lazy loading provides best result for publishers. Publishers that sell their inventories via direct deals and PMPs are likely to see the most benefit as advertisers pick high viewability ad units. This allows publishers to sell their inventory in higher price.