Mobile game ads are a game app monetising strategy which develop games and use it to to boost their revenue. Looking at the success of mobile game ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have brought better user engagement and user experience.

Every gaming app developer is searching forward to maximising their profits and better ways to boost up mobile game ads. Those mobile game ads are the famous ads that serve as one of the gaming app components.

That means only those mobile game ads Which perform successfully and can generate high CPMs, complements the gaming environment. This way, these ads have become a part of the user experience and promotes better engagement.

Which Mobile game ads are the Popular Ads?

  • Playable Ads

These are the mini games in the gaming app that the users can play before they get into the next level. These ads can also be rewarded ads. The user can try it out to gain some extra coins or extra lives or some credit into the game. Playable ads are entertaining, easy, and sketchy. These ads engage users by giving them a real-time and free experience of in-app games.

  • Rewarded Ads

These videos can be of two types either playable or non-playable. These are some of the most famous ads in mobile games as the user watches them for about 20-30 seconds and can earn rewards in the form of extra coins or extra points.

  • Offerwall

Offerwall lists various offers for the users to choose from for an in-app reward. For instance, users can receive 2500 points to register their name or can make an in-app purchase. Offerwalls are otherfamous ads that mobile game developers place for increased CPMs.

  • Interstitial Ads 

Interstitial ads are customisable video ads which can run for a specific interval. It is a highly large full banner ad that attracts good impressions and conversions.

  • Coupon Ads

As the name tells, coupon ads are the ads that provide users with free voucher codes or referrals to redeem prizes or cashbacks in the real world. It boosts up the mobile game ads CPM and also helps boost the online or offline stores revenue.