Multiplex Ads comes in the native ad format category and they are an ad stack that have various features of multiple ads providing content falling in the niche of the websites user’s interest like content recommendation ads.

A multiplex ad gets along with your website’s current content and increases CTRs making sure a great user experience.

For publishers, it benefits including the multiple ad placement options, supreme ad quality, and proper integration with Google.

Multiplex Ads Auction Process

Google Ad Manager have hold of independent auctions for each cell in the Multiplex ads. Publishers can put targeted CPM or floor price in the UPR or First look pricing rule for the ad unit(s). Once it is done, Advertisers will need to bid for the prices set and win the auction to be enter the serve ads.

How do Multiplex Ads Work?

Publishers who are looking to get their hands on the multiplex ad format on their website first need to partner with experienced google certified publishing partners GCPP like Mahimeta. Google multiplex ads are currently running in Beta form. Sign in to mahimeta and we will help you.

Benefits of Multiplex Ads

Considering Multiplex Ads as your secret tool when it comes to serving content recommendation ads on their sites.

The benefits include:

  • Bye to banner blindness.
  • Combine with Google’s content targeting, you will get high visibility & greater chances of conversions.
  • Publishers can easily serve the programmatic direct and open bidding the demands with the help of multiplex ad layout, which works best for publishers.
  • Vacant ad impressions on the website is the last thing that you need to worry about when there are so many ad buyers in the open auction market. The ad fill rate with multiplex ads is always higher.
  • As multiplex ads are controlled by Google Account Manager, there are no restrictive contracts, not like other content ad providers.
  • They also provide better brand safety abiding by having strict Google content policies.