Ad network performance is linked to the ad revenue that a publisher draws through a specific ad network. Publishers can now restrict or decrease their closure to low-performing ad networks and increase closure to those performing better. However, they can choose which ad networks to emphasize their ad optimization on to improve their results.

It is possible to compare your ad network performance through numerous metrics in GAM but that will take a lot of time to set up and it is a very complex method for publishers who are not very much experienced and might ruin the results if there is any mistake made.


Keeping it in mind that ad revenue and performance vary and will also fluctuate. Some tips for better revenue and improved performance.

General optimization tips

When you are performing with a lower performer ad network, it will lead to poor and low advertisers pool as it does not do well with your audience leading to dissatisfaction. It might also be a sign that you need to use different and new ad unit types, ad layouts, ad optimization tricks, and adding header bidding to the mix which you have not already tried to improve the experience and performance.

There are some users that come from Europe but the ad network mostly focuses only on US traffic so again the performance will be below leading to the dissatisfaction with audience experience. In such a case, it will be better to test a network that solely focuses on the traffic geo-related to your audience to improve the experience.

Keeping an eye on discrepancies

When you click on the Discrepancy button for each ad network it opens up the discrepancy page “green” which means that the ad network report is higher than google ad manager and if the data is higher than the ad network data then it will turn “red”.

Using this guide to optimize the line items competing in your inventory is very useful.

It shows that this ad network is set up in GAM and UT pays lower and does not hurt the competition. It is also a lost opportunity for those who especially set price as their priority while its priority depends on the line item CPM rate.

Checking the most recent data and optimizing daily according to it to improve results is very essential.


As now you have a better understanding of the ad network performance then it is time to start analyzing your results. But if you still have any further questions or any problems then feel free to ask us on our website