Advertising technology is also known as AdTech. It is used to explain systems, software, tools used to run, deliver, manage, and optimize programmatic advertising campaigns. AdTech also consists of complicated procedures and it is quite demanding to comprehend and its goal is to assist publishers and advertisers optimize their ad campaigns.

For publishers, it is used as the process of generating more revenue from their ad inventory. While for advertisers it is used as a process to improve their ad campaign targeting on their target market and maximize their ROI.

First time using or new to ad tech?

Are you new to the world of ad technology? If you need any help then don’t worry, we are here to help you with anything. Let’s take a look at all these below to get a brief knowledge about them all.

Programmatic advertising: Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling advertising online. Targeting tactics are used to divide audiences using the data so that advertisers only pay for ads that come to the right people at the right time using technology to buy and sell ad inventory.

Real-time bidding: Real-Time Bidding is an auction procedure where ad impressions are sold and bought in real-time.

Demand-side platforms:  Demand Side Platforms assist advertisers to buy ad inventory by giving them supply to multiple ad inventory sources, making better targeting through technology, letting them have access to campaign reporting functionalities, etc.

Header Bidding: Header bidding is a technology that is used by publishers to make sure that every impression on their site is sold out to multiple partners. It all happens in the header of the site in real-time. This helps publishers earn the most ad revenue from their ad impressions. Visit the below link to know more about header bidding:

How did Mahimeta revolutionize the ad tech industry for publishers?

Mahimeta has revolutionized the ad tech industry for publishers by introducing its most advanced and easy to use dashboard. This saves the publisher’s time. You can manage your ads, analyze results, keep an eye on your campaigns and ad revenue in your dashboard. You will also get access to Mahimeta Analytics if you sign up with us. Mahimeta Analytics helps you to prevent your site from any invalid traffic and violations and block invalid traffic in real-time. Sign up now with Mahimeta to get all these benefits.