Scaled partner management SPM is a method by which most of the publishers already have access to the Google ad exchange. If Google is paying you directly for your Ad Exchange revenue then you don’t use SPM and this change will not affect you.  But If you access the Ad Exchange through a third party and the third party makes your payments then you are using SPM.

SPM allows organizations that have their own SPM account to provide other publishers with access to Google Ad Exchange.

What is Ad Manager MCM and how can I get it?

Now Google Ad Manager/ Multi-Client Management (MCM) is replacing the SPM giving partners the means to manage monetization for multiple publishers in a way that is efficient, transparent, and effective. As AdX and GAM have collaborated on one product so the benefits of everything being under one platform have also improved and grown.

AdX SPM compared to Ad Manager MCM

Changes are sometimes said to be bad but the good thing in MCM is that these changes are good and have pros to publishers. Ad Manager MCM is a new feature product and even though we can use the beta access but with some limited features to only explore. And it is very clear that MCM offers more advantages over the old SPM product.

What happens if my partners can’t offer MCM?

There are many old partners who don’t meet the criteria for MCM. The inventory quality criteria are proving it very hard for partners who have not yet maintained the level of quality control. When SPM is ended those partners will not be able to help their publishers with AdX.

As shifting to MCM is not a “one-click” process, so we would suggest that every publisher accessing AdX through a 3rd party should check that they have been selected for MCM and start consulting with others partners immediately if that is not the case.

How difficult is it to shift to MCM?

The shifting of MCM is not so difficult yet not too easy. Every publisher and site must be first approved by google which takes up to two weeks but that is not new to see a backlog when publishers rush to shift when SPM is being retired. We suggest you have a conversation with an MCM partner as early as you can as they will help you with all the activities.

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