Cost per Mille (CPM) ad campaigns are also known as “cost per thousand,” which measure the insights and impressions of every thousand people. An impression is shown every time a person sees a specific ad, and once the total hits one thousand, the advertiser will pay the website owner a fixed fee rate.

CPM is an industry-standard method that decides the price for digital ads. It especially benefits advertisers who want to keep a track of how well a particular ad is performing.

Advertisers whose primary goals are to raise brand visibility and awareness opt for a CPM digital marketing campaign because it’s an efficient way to get more people to see your content and the higher your click-through rate (CTR).

A lower CPM can tell the low-quality traffic. On the other hand, a higher CPM may not always mean a greater return on investment.

For publishers, there are several reasons why they might struggle with a lower CPM average, some of them are

  • Privacy laws
  • Seasonality
  • Ad formats and placements
  • Ad density
  • Content quality
  • Bad traffic

But the good news is that there are some steps that you can help you take to optimize your CPM results.

Methods to Maximize your Results with CPM

  1. Target Audience

If you collect primary data to view your audience, you can use these metrics to enhance the worth of your inventory. Publishers that have to share audience data with buyers make their ad space more beneficial because the buyers can change their ads to fit this target audience.

on the other hand, you will give your site browsers a better overall experience because they will see ads that are relevant and interesting to them. The more information you have related to your audience, the higher the CPM you will get from advertisers.

  1. Header Bidding

Header bidding can assist publishers to boost their CPM. Header bidding is very difficult so many publishers choose to partner with an ad network to make sure a great deployment.

  1. Format

Choosing the right format for your spaces is very important for an optimal CPM. As a publisher, you must look at your website from the user’s point of view. You can check around with banner ads, native ads, and rich media ads like video ads to check which of these will perform the best.

  1. Goals – Exposure vs. Leads

It is important to understand whether an advertiser’s aim is to boost their exposure or generate more leads. Different ad placements and formats provide to achieve different goals.

  1. Ad Frequency

You often see an ad to reach a goal highly impact CPM. Ad viewability shows how many people will see an ad. Increasing ad viewability and frequency boosts the action that you want the person to take every time they see the ad. Even when your goal is only to get brand exposure and recognition, you need to have an acknowledgment of the ad frequency to know when you have successfully reached your goal.

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