Header bidding has taken the digital advertising world by storm. It is an advanced programmatic technique where publishers provide inventory to many ad exchanges rapidly before making calls to their ad servers. It benefits publishers by generating more revenue for them and advertisers by making the auction fairer for everyone involved. It had better transparency, more competition and greater value for each impression.

Now let’s see what Footer Bidding is. It is the twin side of header bidding. While header bidding is used on loading ads as fast as possible the footer bidding is used in the opposite direction. It focuses first on loading the page content before making any ad requests, giving speed, and keeping user experience as its top priority. The site pages should be well-optimized to work on this. The longer you have to wait for your content loading, the longer your ads can’t work. Running the auction post-load is only good if the rest of the site is optimized for speed.

Advantages and disadvantages of footer bidding

There are many benefits to Footer Bidding and only one bug disadvantage that is not ignorable. The main advantage of footer bidding over Header Bidding is that your site pages will load faster resulting in a better user experience in steering the site and accessing the content. This is perfect for publishers who are an active and close-knit user base, as they are most probably to complain of any latency issues.

SEO rankings will also be affected as Google has repeatedly said out that user experience and page speed is important to higher page rankings. All these factors are associated with attracting and retaining more traffic. Moreover, it should even generate higher revenue.

The disadvantage is that most ads will take a lot of time in loading and direct contrast to Header Bidding. For some sites that have not been optimized. This will lead to revenue as your placements won’t load unless your content does. When your page is still loading the visitors might be done already and will leave before viewing your ad.

Footer Bidding should not be applied on sites that already have issues with site speed.


Footer Bidding look very interesting and it is worth a chance to try it out after all depending on the factors which were mentioned above. But it is not for everyone. An example is if your site is being hosted on WordPress or on any other website then it would be very tough to make footer bidding work. So, you should have authority over every part of your site, and you should be able to make changes with any little to no limit, especially when it comes to optimizations for site speed.

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