As the name suggests, in-app advertising is a selling strategy through which businesses advertise their product within an application for users.

Throughout the years the usage of smartphone has increased very rapidly so therefore in app advertising has also become an important and essential marketing channel for the publishers to exhibit their content to the users and increase the views and downloads by boosting them. It works very effectively for both the advertising agency and the brands.

In-app advertising is the ads you see while playing a mobile game, surfing through social media, or doing anything on a mobile app.

In-app advertising is an effective marketing technique as mentioned above because it permits the advertisers to reach the target audience based on the user’s demographics.

The most efficient thing about in-app advertising is that these ads are less distractive so users are not annoyed , non disruptive, and best controlled managed friendly.

Different Formats of in-app advertising

1. Interstitial video Ad

Interstitial video ad is a type of in-app advertising which is usually seen on mobile game apps. Insteristial ads are ads with full-screen banner ads that don’t end until the interval ends so the user can’t skip but wait.

  • Adv: 
  1. It is highly Immersive.
  2. It provides Better impressions.
  3. It provides Better Conversions.
  • Disadv:
  1. Hampers with the user’s task
  2. It takes too much time to end
  3. It breaks the user’s engagement within the app

2. Rewarded video ads

These type of ads are seen in gaming apps. It is main part of the app that provides the users to gain virtual gifts or money, more reward points, power-ups or levels-up, extra lives, premium content which you dont already have access to or unlocking of a secret level for watching the ad.

  • Adv: 
  1. It has Higher viewability chances.
  2. It has Higher clicks.
  3. It has High conversion rates.
  • Diadv:
  1. The attention time of the user has also been lowered, making these ads ineffective.
  2. There is less or no genuine interaction as the user will only watch the ad to benefit its own self (e.g. to gain a reward)

3.Native ads

Native ads are ads ghat are non intrusive & non-disruptive ads which don’t carry the user experience. These ads are usually highly targeted and reach the audience very effectively with pinpoint accuracy.

4.Banner ads

These are ads in small size and only appear either at the top or the bottom of the screen within an app. These ads are best to create brand awareness without hindering the user experience and target huge reach.


In-app advertising is the most efficient and effective way to monetize a mobile phone application and it allows various brand to get the desired audience for more sales and downloads. Now the publishers can choose the best ad network for their apps by following the above information. For more inquiries don’t forget to sign in on