How can you boost visitors to your website? Most of the peoples do it through focusing solely on search engine optimization (SEO). Then, they surprise why they’re no longer getting an important boost in search visitors and rankings.

The fact of the experience is that search engine optimization takes time to produce results. Consequently, you have to use extra methods, like social media, phrase of mouth, press releases, blog posting, and so on, to keep boosting search engine visitors your way.

When it comes to social media marketing, the social community LinkedIn drives the most engaged site visitors to my blog. In fact, when I multiplied my LinkedIn engagement with the aid of 60%, my social media visitors nearly doubled.

What is Referral Traffic?

Visitors that come to your site from websites different than the primary search engines are regarded as referral traffic. When anyone clicks on a site link or social community and is then taken to some other site, monitoring software, such as Google Analytics or HubSpot, counts that visitor as referral traffic. The originating site is referred to as the “referrer” because it refers visitors from one internet site to the other.


Types of Traffic


Direct Traffic       

When a person arrives without delay on a site by typing your site URL into a browser


Organic/Search Traffic

The traffic that comes from a search engine is called organic/search traffic. That consists of keyword research, writing special content i.e unique, etc.


Referral Traffic    

When a person visits your internet site using a link positioned on an outer web page.


Social Traffic       

These visitors are generated from organic advertising on social media websites. It’s now not equal to paid site visitors due to the fact there is no economic funding involved.


Paid Traffic

This is the direct contrary of organic/search traffic. You want to pay for your website’s advertisements and can have entire manipulation over the type of target audience you want to target.



Now you are done with traffic, we recommend you filter your traffic through our Mahimeta Analytics System and keep your website safe from any revenue deductions.