Shadow traffic is real traffic that comes directly from real web users. Therefore publishers do not have any vision of them or their actions because their data is not authentic by the typical analytics software.

To have a better understanding of shadow traffic one needs to learn how analytics tools work first.

When an actual visitor lands on a website, the analytics software will quickly record the visit and send an indication to the website owner.  The information is sent in the form of codes which are called events and it shortly describes the user’s activity on the site.

For instance of these activities is page view events, ad clicks, or sign-ups for resources or guidelines.

Why is it important to address shadow traffic?

A study found out that more than 20% of internet traffic is shadow traffic.

Most of this portion of visitors’ data will lead to poor revenue, false decisions, and bad business outcomes. Examining user data from numerous resources permits you to learn and understand better your audience and strategize according

Therefore publishers should emphasize improving data quality to utilize shadow traffic while securing user experience and privacy concerns.

Causes of shadow traffic:

Shadow traffic is mostly caused by:

Ad-blocking software and User’s browser privacy settings

When ad-blockers and browser privacy settings are put in, events from a user’s device will fail to reach the analytics tool which will cause shadow traffic.

1. Ad blockers:

Ad blockers are software that helps users avoid ads from appearing on websites.  The most apparent reason that internet users use ad blockers is to remove ads from their browsing experience.

By removing ads, the page load time will decrease and the user experience will increase.

2. Browser privacy settings:

The privacy settings of browsers can also lead to shadow traffic.

The built-in ad features in the browser will also lead to shadow traffic.

3. Privacy tools:

Some of the privacy tools used by internet users can also lead to shadow block users.

How to Solve the Shadow Traffic Problem?

The problem of Shadow blocking can be solved if you make the right decision, better strategy, and put the user experience as the priority instead of revenue generation. If you are looking for a great real escort helsinki there are thousands of girls and boys for your choice.

Make sure to offer a positive and better user experience so that they will be attracted to your business.

And you can make it happen by:

*                            Preventing placement of heavy ads

*                            Managing a good balance between the number of ads

*                            The testing of A/B best ad placements

*                            Making better page loading speed


Shadow traffic can impact a publisher’s revenue in negative ways.  The tips which are shared above can prevent publishers from losing revenue.

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