Many publishers question us that how to use Google monetization services on their websites with non-English language or language that is not supported by AdSense or Google Ad Manager.

In this blog, we will discuss this issue and give publishers some solutions for this issue. But before we begin you must check the list of supported languages here:

Alternative Monetization

As the majority of the publishers are using AdSense or Google Ad Manager for ads monetization when Google decides to stop supporting a specific language for Google Ad Manager, that would mean a lot of problem for you as a publisher. However, it’s not ended here.

There are several alternative ad servers to monetize your site traffic. Some of the ad servers include Smart Ad Server, Zedo, Kevel, and more.

Essentially publishers need to do some research to find out whether the above ad networks can help you monetize your traffic for your specific language site.

What’s Next

Whatever the issue is Mahimeta is always here to help publishers. Mahimeta works with hundreds of publishers across multiple countries and languages. Let us provide the opportunity to help you find the best ad monetization solution and take your ad revenue to new highs! Sign up to Mahimeta today!