The world’s top profitable and most successful publishers use AdX because of Google’s programmatic eco system as publishers get more revenue because of premium advertisers seeking premium ad space online.

Yet, many popular publishers often fail to comply with Google AdX publisher policies. Google is strictly maintaining high quality inventory on the AdX and it is very difficult to have your account restored after policy violations, so the publishers should be proactive in ensuring AdX policies. In order to make publishers more aware of these policies, today we will list the most common reasons of AdX account termination and how to avoid them.

Common Violations that Result in Account Termination

  1. Buying automated/bot traffic or clicks.
  2. Incentivized traffic programs.
  3. Encouraging users to click on ads to support your website.
  4. Ad placement that could be mistaken by user for website content.
  5. Accidental clicks because of misleading ad placement.
  6. Ad units pushing below the website content.

Violation Could Cause

Google will suspend your account without any warning or within 72 hours if the violations are not fixed. Google will withhold your payment of 60 days previous on any violation.

How does working with Mahimeta affect such issues?

At Mahimeta our publisher solutions detect pre-violation to protect our publishers from getting ban through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools and services. This helps the publishers to not get ban by Google while unintentionally violating Google’s policies.

If you need further understanding about AdX policies then get in touch with us.