Digital advertising models have enhanced website monetization proficiency for publishers. Publishers have different options like ad refresh and header bidding to boost their revenue. But these solutions have also increased complexity for publishers. Many different metrics are being introduced to measure the accurate performance of websites and to determine the efficiency of ads. Unique ad impressions metric is one of them.

In this blog, we will discuss unique impressions and their importance.

What are Unique Ad Impressions?

Ad impression which is also known as ad view is counted when an ad is served on a publisher’s website. As one visitor can view multiple ads that mean impression is counted each time the ad is displayed to the visitor. It includes duplications and recurrent views.

But only one unique ad impression is counted for every 24 hours, even if the same ads displayed and viewed by the visitors several times. If the visitor sees the same ad after 24 hours then it would be counted as a unique ad impression.

Importance of Unique Impressions

The unique ad impression helps to find out the value of an ad inventory. Through the unique impressions metric, publishers can see how much eCPM is being generated because of refreshed ads and how much eCPM is being generated because of unique impressions.

If there are inventories, one where only unique impressions are served and the other where refreshed impressions are served, advertisers will prefer the inventory with unique impressions.

Although, publishers can earn higher revenue from refreshed impressions. But they need to focus on the unique impression metric for knowing the exact value of their inventory.


Due to evolution in the ad tech industry, it is important for publishers to keep an eye on the performance of their ad units. Unique ad impressions will do the same and help publishers to know the worth of their inventory and optimize accordingly.

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