2021 has been a big year for app developers as the global consumer spend has reached its new peek expectations around the digital security continue to shift and mobile platforms and regulators are giving changes to better protect user privacy. These will continue to be major themes in 2022, so we’re going to share  some monetization strategies to assist you drive business growth in this fast evolving world.

Bring variety to your demand sources to deliver more value

Access to a variety range of buyers in a particular can deliver strong effective and efficient cost per thousand impressions (eCPMs) for your inventory.

Google AdMob utilizes many demand sources to assist you earn more on real time bidding and waterfall mediation. The AdMob network involves demand from Google Ads, Display & Video 360 and more of 200 demand-side platforms (DSPs). we will be soon introducing software development kit intregations with buyers to further upgrade the performance coming in 2022.

Make more comprehensible operations to free up resources

An effective and Efficient suite of tools to operate operational tasks can save a lot of time and assist you to focus on growth.

Onboarding and testing can be an alternative manual and time-consuming task for the developers. With tools like Ad Inspector, you can test adapter setups, demand sources and more easily which can accelerate the testing process and adds fun doing it.

Rising wings is a fast growing casual game company which cuts operational costs by 50% and saw ARPDAU increase by 8.7% tight after switching to AdMob. Our team took an integrated strategy with in-app ads for all their hybrid games, and built a trust able revenue stream without affecting user retention.


So far we have learned so much about an industry that is changing so much faster than ever. As we head into 2022 we are looking forward to partner together to shape the future of app monetization so sign up now on mahimeta.com