Most of the new publishers want to know about the AdSense payment threshold and when they will start getting paid? In this blog, we will explain AdSense payment threshold requirements and all the verification process for the ease of publishers.

There are several thresholds that impact whether you’re eligible to be paid by AdSense. For more information, related to AdSense payment thresholds read below.

You must know that every country might have little bit different processes mentioned above. Similarly, the payment methods and payment thresholds may slightly differ.

After you verified your tax information, identity information and select a payment method that best suits you? What will you do next? You just need to reach the threshold and get paid through the payment method selected. It’s important to know how long money will take to reach your account. Checks might take 1-2 weeks to reach you, whereas EFT payments might take some days up to 7 days.

AdSense threshold for different countries

Every country has its own payment threshold. You must need to complete the payment threshold according to your respective country in AdSense earnings to meet the threshold and get paid. Below is the information regarding different countries.


Thresholds Tax information Address verification Payment method Payment Cancelation
U.S. Dollar (USD) $0 $10 $10 $100 $10
Australian Dollar (AUD) N/A $10 equivalent A$15 A$100 A$15
Canadian Dollar (CAD) C$0 $10 equivalent C$10 C$100 C$10
Chilean peso (CLP) N/A $10 equivalent CLP$6000 CLP$60000 CLP$6000
Czech Koruna (CZK) N/A $10 equivalent Kč200 Kč2000 Kč200
Danish Krone (DKK) N/A $10 equivalent kr60 kr600 kr60
Euro (EUR) N/A $10 equivalent €10 €70 €10
Great British Pound (GBP) N/A $10 equivalent £10 £60 £10
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) N/A $10 equivalent HK$100 HK$800 HK$100
Hungarian Forint (HUF) N/A $10 equivalent Ft2,000 Ft20,000 Ft2,000
Indonesian rupiah (IDR) N/A $10 equivalent Rp130000 Rp1300000 Rp130000
Israeli Shekel (ILS) N/A $10 equivalent ₪40 ₪400 ₪40
Japanese Yen (JPY) N/A $10 equivalent ¥1000 ¥8000 ¥1000
Jordanian dinar (JOD) N/A $10 equivalent دينار‎;7 دينار‎;70 دينار‎;7
Mexican Peso (MXN) Mex$0 $10 equivalent Mex$120 Mex$1,200 Mex$120
Moroccan dirham (MAD) N/A $10 equivalent .د.م80 .د.م800 .د.م80
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) N/A $10 equivalent $15 $130 $15
Norwegian Krone (NOK) N/A $10 equivalent kr60 kr600 kr60
Peruvian sol (PEN) N/A $10 equivalent S/30 S/300 S/30
Polish Zloty (PLN) N/A $10 equivalent zł30 zł300 zł30
Singapore Dollar (SGD) N/A $10 equivalent S$15 S$150 S$15
South African Rand (ZAR) N/A $10 equivalent R100 R1000 R100
Swedish Krona (SEK) N/A $10 equivalent kr70 kr700 kr70
Swiss Franc (CHF) N/A $10 equivalent Fr10 Fr100 Fr10
Tunisian dinar (TND) N/A $10 equivalent د.ت,20 د.ت,200 د.ت,20
Turkish Lira (TRY) N/A $10 equivalent ₺20 ₺200 ₺20
United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) N/A $10 equivalent د.إ35 د.إ350 د.إ35
Uruguayan peso (UYU) N/A $10 equivalent $U240 $U2400 $U240


When will you receive payment?

When you get your payment depends on when you reach your payment threshold and the payment method you selected. After you reach the threshold, Google processes your payment and check your earnings in 21 days, after that they will make your payment. The payment then released on the 21st-26th of every month. After that, the exact date of receiving money depending on the payment method chosen. Navigate the world of online gaming with confidence by exploring , your ultimate guide to safe and secure online casinos. Our site offers in-depth reviews and insights into the most reliable and user-friendly gaming platforms. Focused on your security and enjoyment, we provide the information you need to make informed choices.


We hope that you understand the AdSense payment threshold, now it’s time to start and grow your publisher business. First AdSense income is sweet for publishers but making this income even greater and better will need some advancement. You’ll need to create or improve your current content, increase your traffic, optimize your ads and improve website rankings.

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