Most of the publishers face invalid traffic because they are not aware of invalid traffic or could not identify invalid traffic. In this blog, we will show you some invalid traffic examples to help you understand better and how to prevent your website from invalid traffic? Although some types of invalid traffic might be easily avoidable by publishers, others are much tough to prevent unless you use sophisticated technology for this process.

Some AdSense invalid traffic examples

Here are some examples of invalid traffic:

  • Bots or automated clicks on your ads.
  • Repetitive mouse patterns or repetitively clicking ads by your users or maybe your competitor.
  • Accidental clicks (Publishers can avoid accidental clicks by not placing ads too close to your content or other clickable elements on your website)
  • Aggressive ad refreshes (publishers can avoid it with the right setup)

One of the above invalid traffic examples can be causing you issues. Publishers can avoid some factors like accidental clicks and ad refreshes, as mentioned above but for others, you must need some extraordinary tool.

Mahimeta Analytics is that extraordinary tool that you need. We have realized that a majority of publishers struggle with invalid traffic and face ad revenue deductions or end up losing their ad accounts. Mahimeta Analytics will help you to filter out your traffic in real-time and only serves ads to those pages that are safe from violations. This will minimize the risk of revenue deductions and getting a ban from google for publishers. This tool will help you in maintaining a good health score which attracts premium advertisers.

You just focus on your site content and let us handle your site traffic quality. Sign up now to get these benefits and to protect your site from invalid traffic before it’s too late.

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