To become a successful AdSense publisher and earn money without any hassles you need to know and follow AdSense rules. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a brief overview of all the AdSense policies you need to keep in mind while using AdSense in order to keep yourself safe from violations or AdSense account termination.

Few rules from Mahimeta

Before we discuss the rules set out by AdSense, we considered we’d give you a quick rundown of few of the best practices we share with our partner publishers.

  • Always ensure that you comply with all AdSense policies.
  • Your ads must be highly viewable with at least 70% viewability rate.
  • Do not overfill your site with ads. You need to maintain a balance between ads and user experience.
  • Don’t make too many changes at a time. Preferably make one change, monitor results and take actions accordingly.
  • Improve your site content or publish only quality content to keep your visitors engaged and increase time spent on the site.
  • Keep an eye on your traffic quality. Invalid traffic is a serious issue for AdSense publishers which could result in getting AdSense account banned. If you think that your traffic quality is not good give us the opportunity to protect your AdSense account through our Analytics real-time protection system! Find out more about Mahimeta Analytics system here.

AdSense rules publishers should aware of

We are just going to highlight some of the most important AdSense rules but keep in mind that all AdSense rules are important and publishers must follow them.

You must have to read the AdSense policy beginner guide as well as the AdSense program policies page.

Below are the rules you definitely need to know and follow:

  • Do not click ads on your site or ask people to click ads on your site. This violates AdSense policies and could result in getting your account banned.
  • Display ads only on the content allowed by AdSense. You can see a list of the content which is not allowed by AdSense here.
  • Do not mess around with AdSense ad codes except you are authorized by Google.
  • Do not place ads on your site too close to your site content as this could result in accidental clicks. Accidental clicks can also put your AdSense account at risk.


Now you know and understand all the AdSense rules, you must keep in mind these rules while monetizing your website. If you face any of the above violations or want to keep an eye on your site invalid activities you must try Mahimeta Analytics system. Mahimeta Analytics system filters out your traffic in real-time and takes action accordingly.